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Gmail Manager Firefox extension for multiple Gmail accounts

12/13/2005 01:01:00 AM
After the big upgrade to Firefox 1.5, we are all scrambling to update existing extensions and see what's new. I am quite pleased with the updated Gmail Manager 0.4, created by Todd Long.

I have several Gmail accounts and dislike logging in and out of each of them in order to view messages for every account. Gmail Manager takes that multiplicity of actions and streamlines them into an elegant notifier in the status bar. Clicking on the notifier looks something like this:

You can set Gmail Manager to automatically login to each account and create alerts for new mail such that one click on the notifier will give you a list of your accounts and the subsequent will open the inbox.

Happily, there are a good number of options to customize for Gmail Manager like exactly where you want to place the notifier and how it should respond when opening your Inbox:

Heavenly idea for an extension, thanks, Todd.


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