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Google Desktop adds plug-in

12/12/2005 07:54:00 PM
Fresh from the official Inside Google Desktop blog, innocence marches on in the form of a new plug-in for Google Desktop that loads and sorts bookmarks. With Yahoo's recent acquisition of just days before, you would think that Google would silently boycott all Yahoo-owned projects rather than announce GTD tools for them through the official blog. But instead, Google is taking the "who gives a damn, we're gonna create the best damn net experience" approach to improving their projects. I applaud Google's damn-it-to-hell confidence in the face of direct competition!

It's interesting to note that Google's Stock Quote feature, which I wistfully discussed previously, redirects to a group of finance sites, the primary source being Yahoo Finance. Another instance of their upfrontness about the best information always trumping, regardless of its source.

Oh, and don't forget they have that really tongue-in-cheek yet unavoidably honest link on the Official Google Blog under "What We're Reading": Yahoo Search Blog.


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