Unofficially obsessed with Google.

Choosing the Googlist name

12/11/2005 07:33:00 PM
Things to consider when naming a blog are

  • Is the identical domain name available as a .com? Secondarily, as a .org or .net?

  • Is it short enough or cute enough to be memorable?

  • Is it spelled how it sounds and is it easy to spell?

  • How sexy does it look in your favorite fonts?

Etcetera. In the process of sifting through name prospects, I for awhile relished the idea of Googlish. "Google-like, similar to Google, encrusted in the ancient odors of Google." It just sort of sounded cool. Plus it was cute, memorable, phonetic, and all of those other optimal attributes.

But sadly, the domain name had been wrested from my grasp.

Even more tragically, was about balloon hats:


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