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Gmail sends you on vacation

12/15/2005 01:16:00 PM
The Googlist dreams of taking more vacations, but frankly, that's just delusional fantasy on my part. Instead, thanks to Google's introduction of Automatic Vacation Response for Gmail, I can now pretend to take vacations. The setup is simple, just go to Settings > General, and then merrily scroll down the page. Enter tantalizing descriptions of your destinations and stunts, then designate whether or not only Contacts should receive the message.

I'm thinking of just having this activated all the time with obnoxious quips about pig roasts in Fiji and the pressure of the altitude on my lungs in the Andes. Feel free to write and see what I'm up to.

In addition to free vacations, Gmail has also introduced a group email function. An excellent description of these new features is available here, which I found via Unofficial Google Blog.


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