Unofficially obsessed with Google.

Google Newsbites 2/13/06

2/13/2006 12:02:00 PM
GOOG dips below $350, projected to drop to 50%, analysts freak out

VC firms dropped $263 million on new niche search proposals last year

MySpace gets 2 1/2 times the traffic of Google, Tom Anderson gets wasted!

Traffic Power confirmed banned by Google, get talking here

Google's Sergey Brin thinks transparency in business is as easy as clear legos.

Google-Olympics courtship steals clicks from AdWords advertisers

Ask Jeeves axes Jeeves, because he looks like CEO Barry Diller

Google Blogoscoped has not been banned in China, thank goodness! (worry was over his posts on Google's China-censorship)

"Yahoo! that bitch!" (Y's requisite exclamation mark makes this hard to understand at first)


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