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Creating the Googlist Logo

12/11/2005 06:30:00 PM
Google's font (having been chosen before G would understand the value of branding exclusivity) is publicly available as Catull for $99 or for free, depending on your scruples. Not one to brandish either a wallet or questionable morals, I opted for Googlefor--a site that obediently creates Google search portals complete with personalized Google-fonticized logos.

(Quick Technorati and Google searches revealed that the link hadn't been well distributed yet, hence why my Googleified webhabits hadn't yet discovered it. It had really just popped up in some self-links from its founder, primarily on Digg and some relevant blog trackbacks. Also, it's not to be confused with the less well-executed Logogle. Anyways...)

So, I promptly put Googlefor to work. "Make me a Googlist logo!" I commanded. And it worked its magic:

"Agreeable," I said, "even impressive." But the bot had mixed the colors up. The traditional Google logo is blue-red-yellow-blue-green-red. So I instructed Googlefor to make me some additional letters so that I might edit the logo into sublimation:

"Super!" I stroked my editing skills. Now for some thinking. The thing looked like a damn Kinko's experiment, a regular copy (not that I had qualms about that in any other area of this site.) So, I wittily employed a color trick! I greyed out the -ist, thinking I could say that Googlist is a detached source of news and analysis on a colorful entity. Yes, the logo would even have intelligent design! All that was left was slapping on "Blog" in Google's favorite sans-serif font, resizing appropriately, and popping out the logo baby:

Thus was Googlist released upon the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See one better site - "the bond version of google"
10:43 AM

Anonymous Sir Seek said...

Have you seen the infamous & controversial FBI logo generator on ?
1:01 PM

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The guy is definitely just, and there's no doubt.
2:37 PM

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