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Yahoo Leaked Google Calendar Pics to TechCrunch

3/08/2006 05:58:00 PM
Update: Mike Arrington has said he did not get CL2 screenshots from Yahoo, updated article is here.

Always with the steamiest, most scintillating stories, Valleywag reveals that TechCrunch's screenshots of Google Calendar (CL2) came from Yahoo.

Apparently a participant in Google's Early Tester program gave login info to a Yahoo contact who then leaked the CL2 screenshots and information to Michael Arrington of TechCrunch (who has many friends at Yahoo). To Yahoo's credit, it did alert Google to the leak of the login info, and Google was able to cancel the turncoat tester account. Good deeds aside, Yahoo probably took copious notes and made all kinds of screenshots that will enable it to make Yahoo Calendar evenly competitive with CL2 the day it is released.

Of course, we're now struck with questions:

Has Yahoo had access to all of Google's Early Tester programs? If so, for how much of Google's product history? Arrington says that 200 users are testing CL2, but I get the impression that the Early Tester program is larger than that number. CL2 was, however, listed on the Tester links page that was turned up a few weeks ago, making it seem like all testers must have been aware of CL2's availability.

Also, how much can we expect that Google gleans from its "spies" in Yahoo's beta programs? The "sameness" of releases across the major search engines (maps programs, calendar programs, video search, fully featured webmail, blog and social community spaces) starts to make you wonder if they're not all working off a commonly shared beta list and just releasing products at different times and levels of completion.

Regardless, this Google > Yahoo > TechCrunch slip reveals that much is to be learned by paying close attention to all available routes to information! Behold the power of company secrets, competitive strategy, and fast moving technology.


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